ARtist Statement

I make images, objects and spaces that address mystical experience and the historical and contemporary archetypes swirling around these states of being. Immersion in ecstatic states drives me to attempt to express their bizarre, boundary-dissolving resonance.

My work draws together imagery mined from mythology, spiritual traditions, popular culture and my own inner landscape and channels these symbols into discrete projects. I seek visceral connection to the material world through my process, utilizing illustration, painting and installation to depict, reference or induce ecstatic states.

With equal parts embrace and criticality, my work reveals symbols and the body as sacred and potent with power while grappling with the unrepresentable nature of divinity. My practice disputes conceptualism’s purported importance over pleasure and physicality in the work of art. Remixing elements of disparate iconographies with my own visions, I speak to ecstatic and erotic experience in a riotous celebration of materiality, excess and abundance.

Portrait by Mario Gallucci, 2018. 

Portrait by Mario Gallucci, 2018. 


Rachel Rosenkoetter is a visual artist living in Portland, OR. Born and raised in MO, Rosenkoetter received a BFA in Painting from Missouri State University and her MFA in Visual Studies from Pacific Northwest College of Art. Utilizing painting, collage and installation, her work investigates mysticism and states of being. Revealing symbols and bodies as potent with sacred potential, she harnesses physical forms to speak to a metaphysical ecstasy and excess. Rosenkoetter is a founding member of Killjoy Collective