In an era of ever-accelerating visual turnover, the artists represented in ​NEOFOLK​ are slowing down to create their work. Fearless of utilitarianism or decoration, but without relinquishing concept and dialogue, they create images and objects throbbing with vitality and handmade character.

Working with meticulous traditional processes like rug-hooking, embroidery, and weaving, these women embrace old materials to express new ideas. The results are at once naive and virtuosic, everyday and ceremonial, precise and wonky, rigorous and goofy.

As identities become ever more complex and multicultural, what does it mean to create work with a folk ethos? How does contemporary art practice reflect a broader cultural longing for the ritual, the analog, the homespun? ​NEOFOLK​ considers these questions and sets out to collapse tired distinctions between self-taught and academically trained, local and global, craftsmanship and conceptualism.

Featuring works by Meagan Boyd, Hannah Epstein, Meghan McAleavy, Maryanne Moodie, Emma Suman and Anna Valdez.

Image Courtesy of Emma Suman