Selected Press

Artwork and interview featured on Canvas Rebel, December 2022.

Podcast interview with Betsy LeFae, E39: Trust Yourself Podcast, December 2022.

Press for Rainbow Heart Tarot

Reading & Reviewing The Rainbow Heart Pocket Tarot, Rachel Swirl Lifestyle Blog, April 2023.

Interview with Rachel Rosenkoetter, Creator of the Rainbow Heart Tarot, Teau Tarot, February 2021.

Tarot Deck Review – Rainbow Heart Tarot by Rachel Rosenkoetter, Dark Reads & Deck Reviews, December 2020.

Rainbow Heart Tarot Review by Madhavi Ghare, Cartomancer Magazine, December 2020.

E33 with Rachel Rosenkoetter of The Rainbow Heart Tarot, Tarot Map, September 2020.

Dazzling Divination With The Rainbow Heart Tarot, Rachel Swirl Lifestyle Blog, September 2020.