The Goddess Show

The Goddess Show, Organized by Rainmaker resident artists Rachel Rosenkoetter and Veronica Reeves, brings together West Coast artists whose work grants audience with feminine divinity and spirituality that is sovereign from patriarchal ideology.

This exhibition features works by artists including Hayley Barker, Jason Berlin, Eryn Boone, Anna Fidler, Elizabeth Malaska, Veronica Reeves and Rachel Rosenkoetter.

Curatorial Statement

The Goddess Show seeks to reclaim the feminine, our bodies and the earth as sacred. 

As artists, we reject the patriarchal religious paradigm’s negation of the physical and sensual world, and the toxic misogyny, body hatred and disregard for the planet that result. 

Instead, we seek to understand the world as a complex web of interconnection, breaking down binaries that falsely fracture the world into unequal pairs- male and female, spirit and matter, mind and body, reason and emotion. 

As sisters and sibs we unite in this crucial moment of cultural and planetary healing to create art objects that embody the Divine Feminine. The Goddess manifests herself as earth mama, destroyer, daughter, warrior, protector, renewer, mystery, lover, beast, reveler, dark mother. In contemplation of these many aspects, we awaken to a wisdom as old as humanity itself. 

Through the combined efforts of our artistic labor, we create here an incomplete portrait, unveiling a few of the many faces of the Goddess like facets in diamond turned under brilliant light.